Bodhi Tours & Treks

Tours and Treks

Bodhi Tours and Treks is your travel architect, standard packages, personalized tours but the main goal is to effectively provide consistent & excellent services ensuring the utmost satisfaction with small groups, also selfdrive, adventourous and state of the art Asian trips.

Why would you choose for Bodhi Trek & Tours?

  1. Small groups
    There is so much to explore within you, but there's so much more to explore out there. You will experience the exhilaration that travel brings and in the mean while you'll be discovering your hidden self!

  2. Extremely fine preparation
    As unique as you are, so are your preferences and differences, here at Himalayan Destiny, we understand that. Organizing personalized itineraries that will suit you is what we do best,

  3. Experienced crew
    It's not because we are locals we don't understand the purpose for your travel. We speak your language and you'll have direct acces to Nepal. Himalayan Destiny will get you accurate and the best information, value for your money and unmatched personalized service.

  4. Ethical and eco-aware
    Bodhi Treks and Tours makes things happen! Thanks to our expertise and experiences we can assure you that your next trip will be something out of the ordinary.